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07Apr, 2018

2018 April Tan Time Trial Results

Apr 07, 2018|

¬†Another big morning for milestones: Lucy Oehr and Glenyse Brain were congratulated on completing 150 Tan Time Trials, well done on that big achievement, ladies. John Custo completed 250 Tan Time Trials (which takes more than twenty years to do, well done John, sensational!) And… Stephen Barker completed 300 Tan […]
03Mar, 2018

2018 March Tan Time Trial Results

Mar 03, 2018|

Autumn is just beginning and we had a nice cool start for the morning. The 4 km and 8 km handicap run saw a number of great running results. Congratulations to all participants, some persevering despite injury or illness and those achieving significant milestones. Everyone enjoyed the excellent refreshments provided, […]
03Feb, 2018

2018 February Tan Time Trial Results

Feb 03, 2018|

An impressive turnup on a perfect morning for running. Congratulations to Milestone achievers, 12 Tan Trial Timers for 2017 and all participants and volunteers. Nice to see so many Melbourne Marathon Spartans joining with us for their training towards their next objective.  
06Jan, 2018

2018 January Tan Time Trial Results

Jan 06, 2018|

A morning to celebrate new beginnings, VRR’s first Tan for 2018 and a very special early birthday celebration for Judy Wines, about to be 80 years young. We welcomed visitors from Sydney, The Phillipines and Russia and enjoyed the relative cool before a forecast very hot day. Congratulations to Mal […]
04Nov, 2017

2017 November Tan Time Trial Results

Nov 04, 2017|

On a rather crisp morning our dedicated group of regulars was joined by visitors from Toronto, The Netherlands, South Africa and France to enjoy the beautiful tan circuit. Thanks to all participants and helpers. We look forward to meeting up again on the first Saturday in December, at the same […]

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