2023 September Tan Time Trial Results

/2023 September Tan Time Trial Results
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President’s Tan Talk – September 2023

A cool, crisp spring morning greated runners at the September Tan time Trial, a perfect morning for running.

As promised, after a long absence due to COVID and subsequent complex permit approvals processes, tea, coffee and biscuits returned to Tan Time Trials, providing the opportunity for catch-up conversations to be all the more enjoyable, a big thank you to Lynn Kisler for not only navigating the permit challenges, but also physically organising everything in the absence of Sally Browne, who is away. A cup of tea or coffee tastes twice as good after a run.

Congratulations to Phil Urquhart, not only in celebrating a very big birthday (80th), but for achieving some big results in the recent Master Intervenue Championships: First in 800 metre walk, first in 1mile run, second in 3km run. Full disclosure, Phil pointed out that he predicted those results based on the “very small” fields in each event. (That’s how I sometimes ‘make podium’ in triathlons!!)

Tarquin Oehr has donated an old model but still fully functional Garmin that a member may enjoy using for monitoring their running performance, please contact me if you are interested.

We have recently had some significant email problems which have meant that a lot of VRR members have not been receiving Stride Out. Graham Prossor is working to address it, and reducing the number of photos in Stride Out (just a little) may be part of the solution. We would greatly appreciate members letting us know if they don’t receive Stride Out, so that we can follow up.

Finally, see below poet Phil Urquhart’s Ode to Running, a rhyming Running Reflection. The sentiments lyrically expressed will resonate with many of us.

Happy running

VRR President



Phil Urquhart, besides being a very good master’s athlete is also a bit of a poet.
Ode to Running

Running is my mistress my fifty shades of grey And as I strive for distance the blackness fades away
Many times I try many times I fail
But with her beside me we reach the holy grail As the night approaches it’s the time I dread
What gets me through the gloom is my woman waiting in our bed

Running is my mistress we share the runners high It’s been my drug of choice – and no – she don’t lie Some days I need a boost and go looking for a fix But she is there to remind me that’s never in the mix Then the party’s over and nothing makes sense
Til my woman appears to take my hand as we waltz in silence.


Running is my mistress sent by the running god To look after and sustain me on the unending road Truly I can say that we’ve been everywhere
In the desert on red dirt where few men ever dare She’s In the dust that swirls with every turn
or the smoke where black men burn
Or running on the endless beach she dodges waves with grace While whipping up sand and salt in the wind that stings my face

Running is my mistress not my woman, for whom I care How can I be true you ask is this arrangement fair We often meet on trail or track it can be anywhere
At times I turn to catch a glimpse but she’s just a breath of air At last I see the fifty shades are hiding something rare
Could the one beside me be my woman who’s always there?

But … when I hit the trail it’s as though I’ve just awoken A gentle touch inspires – she’s surely not a token
My mistress is waiting though her name remains unspoken For if it is she’ll leave me because the spell is broken.



September 2023

TTT Results


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Club Announcements

The Stride Out editor (that’s me) will be engaged on an important government project for a couple of weeks in early October.
I have been tasked with providing an economic boost to Moama, Canberra & Metung (that is, I’m going on a driving holiday!)
So, Stride Out will be a little later than usual.
As you may be aware, we have been having problems with Stride Out emails being ‘bounced’ and hope that the problem has been solved.

Harrietville Half Marathon
We received the following email recently.
Following the continued success of our event since 2015, our small group of dedicated runners in Harrietville is organising the road running event, the ‘Harrietville Half’, again this year.  The event comprises a Half Marathon run and 10.5, 5 & 2km Fun run/walks on Sunday, Oct 8th 2023. We wondered whether your runners may be interested in participating and whether you would share our website with them – www.harrietvillehalfmarathon.com on your Facebook or social media sites. Our Facebook site is Harrietville Half Marathon which also has the link to our website.
Thanking you in anticipation and hope to see you and some of your members here on October 8th.
Robyn Downey (Race Director).
ph: 0417656965
em: robyn.downey1@gmail.com



VRR photographer, Helen Myall takes great photos at each Tan Time Trial event..
ALL the photos are posted on Facebook.
To access Facebook you can use your internet browser and type in the following address:



Stephen Barker, Kevin Browne, Sally Browne, Tony Doran, Graham Edwards, Jenny Field, Peter Field, Vern Gerlach (dec), Peter Gunn (dec.), Don Hampshire, Eileen Helmers (dec), Frank Helmers (dec), Betty Horskins, Graeme Horskins, Mike Kennedy, Lynn Kisler,  Greig McEwan, Ross Martin (dec), Vin Martin, John Morris, Helen Myall,  Peter Nicoll, Bill Noonan, Brian O’Dea, Rod Opie, Graham Prossor, Melissa Sirianni, Doug Stokes, Brian Toomey (dec.), Stuart White, Robert Wilson, Judy Wines, Tom Worrell (dec) and Val Worrell.


Can you ask your running friends if they are receiving their email copy of Stride Out.
If they aren’t, can you get them to send me an email (gprossor@bigpond.net.au) asking to be put on the distribution list.




Position Member Run Time
1 Michael Phillips 4km 18.45
2 Kevin Armstrong 4km 19.48
3 Helen Corcoris 4km 21.40


Position Member Run Time
1 Lucy Oehr 8km 34.42
2 Mick Wilson 8km 37.38
3 Patrick Herft 8km 37.39

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