2022 September Tan Time Trial Results

/2022 September Tan Time Trial Results










President’s Tan Talk –  September 2022

September Tan Time Trial always brings good weather, and although a couple of people used the “R” word (rain!) we had only a few moments of light drizzle in what was a great morning for a run, as most mornings are, one way or another. (Melbourne only gets half the annual rainfall of Sydney, and Sydney’s rain can be very heavy for long periods, making running very cold and unpleasant, which doesn’t happen in Melbourne!!).


When I accepted an offer from the late Tony Martin’s sons to make Tony’s collection of books on running available to VRR members I wasn’t confident about how many of the three boxes of books would be chosen. As I unpacked all the books I realised that Tony had chosen well, and that there were lots of great books.
By the end of the Tan almost all of them had been gratefully snapped up. One member who had known Tony well and couldn’t get to the Tan asked me to grab her a book to remember Tony by, saying “If there’s a book by Murakami that would be great”. To my surprise (never having heard of Murakami!) there was one, so I grabbed it. The only books not popular were a couple about “How to have ripped abs”, clearly not a focus for VRR members


Thanks were extended to our volunteers at Princes Park 5k/10k/Half Marathon, with lots of great feedback being posted on our Facebook page. The “new” (old Shri Chinmoy) course was well received and everyone enjoyed their run. Thanks to Kevin and Stephanie Armstrong, John O’Leary, Tony Doran, Sally Browne, Linus, Lynn Kisler, Doug Stokes and Rod Opie. 
Members were reminded that our 40th Anniversary Dinner is on Friday 11 November,  very close to our exact anniversary, see detail below.
MichaelVictorian Road Runners
Celebrating 40 Years Running 1982-2022



Vale – Brian (BT) Toomey



Sad to report that 30-year plus VRR member, Life Member and Past President Brian (BT) Toomey passed away peacefully in recent days. Brian was always a very keen supporter of the club, always ready to help out, and a truly delightful man. Always positive and cheerful, and considerate of others. Brian will be greatly missed. Our thoughts go out to Brian’s family.



VRR Running Reflections
(As part of VRR’s 40th birthday celebrations in 2022, we are encouraging members (both new & old) to share what running means to them.)



This month, VRR member, Clive Wright reflects on his Marathon Memories from 11 October 1985 and June 1994-7 & 4 South Melbourne.


The spark was lit after completing a 20 mile pre Big M marathon trial run when asked by a friend who was completing in the 1984 race, Hadn’t run more than 10miles before so was pleasantly surprised to finish in reasonable shape. After reading about Jeff Galloway’s thoughts on run/walk training  sessions to cover longer times on one’s feet than 20mile efforts gave it a go in 1985. In its simplistic form as long  as you do an increasingly  long run every 2 weeks runs in between can be much shorter and far less taxing.



The 85 Big M was held on a warmer than usual October morning. Despite cramping up at the start of St Kilda rd finished in 3hrs 30 m. Thought I could have run quicker but when all training is at LSD[ long slow distance] pace that was a bit unrealistic. So on to the next phase of Galloway’s training programs,  adding mile repeats on alternate weeks to the LSD runs. Broke down with iliotibial band soreness 3 weeks out from the 86 race however with rest, physio and stretching  finished faster than 85. Lesson- avoid concrete footpaths as much as possible and move the last long run back to 3 weeks before.

Wind and rain put paid to my projected time for the  87 run so the aim after being soaked beforehand was to just finish. Rather than let all the training go to waste decided to run the South Melbourne Marathon 6 weeks later. A much flatter 4 loop course around the local environment and far easier to get to and leave from as distinct from a point to point course. Probably didn’t even need to do as much training as I did between the two. Now down to 3.12

By 89 ready to attempt breaking the 3 hours I had set myself to do when initially started marathon training. Turned out to be my most disappointing race despite being the quickest in 3hrs 2 min and 20 seconds. For a split second felt like walking in at the 40k mark when realised wouldn’t achieve my aim- a terrible thought indeed.

In 1990 the South Melbourne Athletics Club had to change the course when the State Government implemented a user pay policy for the police resources used in closing roads so the new course was mainly 8 laps of Albert Park Lake. I had been overseas for winter so attempted to cram a 15 to 16 week program into 12 weeks, another mistake. With less training and a very boring course my time was 12 minutes slower. This race only lasted one more year as it became too expensive  for a club to put on so back to Melbourne which was also undergoing changes as no longer point to point and shifted to June. Ran 4 more Melbourne Marathons last one 1994 in 3.06 but mind and body had enough after 11 so sought new challenges, namely 10k races..

Noted 4 things I would have done differently if ever ran another. Plan a 16 week program but spread it over 17-18 weeks for unforeseen  events, run hills/ inclines once a week for first 4 weeks, run some races instead of so many mile repeats sessions, push the last very long run back to 4 weeks,  Learnt so much besides training schedules viz- proper fueling, mental challenges, sports medicine, recoveries. The race is  the easiest part compared to the training provided one is well fueled, tapered properly, confident, fully prepared and the race itself is well organised with adequate facilities before, during and after the run.

Finally If thinking of a marathon don’t delay life is too short. Remember you don’t grow old by running but grow old by not running



VRR member, Geoff Wheeler provides a couple of thoughts


At the VRR Westerfolds half marathon this year I had run just over a kilometre and the strangest thing happened…Everyone had stopped at the bridge and standing there in the middle was a seven foot kangaroo! It was huge and very powerful, and no-one wanted to upset it. After waiting a short time, fortunately it decided to bound past us and we could push on. Not what you would expect in a fun run!!

A few years back when I had completed the Gold Coast Half Marathon I was watching the marathon and saw a competitor in the full marathon carrying the flag of another country and running backwards!!!

We see some odd things




September TTT Photos


Here’s a triple threat!
Steven Barker, Peter Field & Anthony Doran


Judy Wines & Karen Monohan


Debra Robb
Doug Adeney




September 2022

TTT Results


Click here for results



The October TTT will have the usual 7.30am start at the ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ and is on Saturday 1st October.
Refer to the website (vrr.org.au) for more details



Club News


ANNUAL DINNER. 11/11/2022.
After more than two years we finally hope that this time it will actually happen.
Location will be the Postmaster Hotel Kew.(previously QPO where we were last time).
Further details will follow in due course.



VRR extends birthday greetings to the following members who will celebrate birthdays in September.
Warren M, Peter N, Graham J, David F, John V, Greg O, Grant P, Steven B, Sally B,
Jane B, Tanya F-Y, Stuart W, Franky D, Michael M,


If we missed your birthday we are very sorry.  Please let us know so that we can acknowledge you in the next Stride Out.




Stephen Barker, Kevin Browne, Sally Browne, Tony Doran, Graham Edwards, Jenny Field, Peter Field, Vern Gerlach (dec), Peter Gunn (dec.), Don Hampshire, Eileen Helmers (dec), Frank Helmers (dec), Betty Horskins, Graeme Horskins, Mike Kennedy, Lynn Kisler,  Greig McEwan, Ross Martin (dec), Vin Martin, John Morris, Helen Myall,  Peter Nicoll, Bill Noonan, Brian O’Dea, Rod Opie, Graham Prossor, Melissa Sirianni, Doug Stokes, Brian Toomey (dec.), Stuart White, Robert Wilson, Judy Wines, Tom Worrell (dec) and Val Worrell.


Can you ask your running friends if they are receiving their email copy of Stride Out.
If they aren’t, can you get them to send me an email (gprossor@bigpond.net.au) asking to be put on the distribution list.
































Position Member Run Time
1 Erica Charleston 4km 19.45
2 Ingrid Tsiligiannis 4km 20.22
3 David Shandler 4km 22.58


Position Member Run Time
1 Lucy Oehr 8km 34.37
2 Tim Hunt 8km 36.37
3 Stuart Jacobson 8km 37.53

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