2022 June Tan Time Trial Results

/2022 June Tan Time Trial Results



President’s Tan Talk –  June 2022

The first Tan Time Trial for winter was on what could be described as “a very cold morning” or a “great morning for a run, and both would be true. It was a beautiful morning in our beautiful surroundings as we acknowledged an celebrated some significant milestones, see the photos below. Congratulations to Lynn O’Dea, John Custo and Leigh Fatchen on their respective milestones, well done!!

At the other end of the spectrum was a ‘first-timer’, Kym Cao, who had been brought along by her partner Monish Swamy. Chatting with them before and after the run that sense of feeling welcome, which is what VRR is all about, was clearly evident. They are in the group photo below, front left in the photo.

The other ‘news’ was that after some significant COVID-related delays the Tan Twelve Timer and Back to Back Tans are now in production, and will be available next month.

Westerfolds 5k / 10k / Half Marathon

On Sunday 15 May we conducted our first fun run for a long time, the previous one being last year’s Westerfolds, run in between lockdowns!! It was a good event, with one overseas runner (from France) travelling from the CBD by Uber to run with us, and (from memory) he was first finisher in the half marathon.

What came out of that day, (promoted by Doug Stokes and my son!!) was the decision to change the half marathon course so that it will be four laps of the (hilly) 5k loop, plus a 1.1 km add-on at the end. Turned out (after some opinion testing) that the half marathoners weren’t put off by the extra climbing. (I love running hills, as I do at Ferny Creek most Sundays, I just needed to be convinced that other were OK with the change, which they were.

We now have two very different half marathons: hilly Westerfolds and the fast and flat Princes Park, coming up in August.

A big thank you to Bill Noonan, Russell Bulman, Kevin Armstrong and my son Mack (early starter with me) for course marshalling on the day, together with Doug Stokes, Lynn Kisler, Peter Nicoll and Rod Opie for doing what they always do, without whom we could not stage these events. Well done, yet again.


Vale – Peter Gunn


I am saddened to report that long-time VRR Life Member Peter Gunn passed away on Friday last, having wrestled with some complex health challenges over a number of years. Peter joined VRR in the early days, in 1988, and was on the committee for a number of years, and taught me a lot about measuring run courses. He ran a total of 290 Tan Time Trials.

Peter was a great contributor to the club, and was one of the nicest people you could meet. I admired him greatly, he was always positive in his approach, including when dealing with the challenges that his ill-health had burdened him with. Peter’s wife Vivien told me that Peter had recently expressed the wish to visit the Tan one more time.

Many VRR members will remember Peter and Peter (Field’s) limitless enthusiasm for the Sydney Swans.

Gone too soon, vale Peter Gunn.

VRR President





Lynne O’Dea completed her 50th TTT at the June 2022 tan – she estimates that it only took her about 30 years!
Lynne, full marks for perseverance and well done.



John Custo completed his 300th TTT in June – that’s at least 25 years if you don’t miss a single one, so another terrific achievement!



Leigh Fatchen ran his 400th !!! TTT in June – that’s at least 33 years – truly outstanding, Leigh -you’re a legend.



June TTT Photos


Despite being a pretty cold morning, the June TTT attracted more than 70 participants – here’s some of them listening to Michael’s usual pre-race briefing.
Peter Black & Merle Want finished the 8km TTT with the same time, but maybe Merle is discussing who was actually first!


Ken Miller is looking remarkably fresh after his TTT.
Stephen Barker proudly displaying his Spartan Marathon t-shirt.
I understand that Stephen, Merle Want & Jane Sturzacker recently finished the Chateau Tanunda Barossa Marathon.


Now THIS is the way to finish a TTT!
ANNUAL DINNER. 11/11/2022.
After more than two years we finally hope that this time it will actually happen.
Location will be the Postmaster Hotel Kew.(previously QPO where we were last time).
Further details will follow in due course.
VRR extends birthday greetings to the following members who will celebrate birthdays in June

Stephen B, Grace B,  Rowan C, Bernie G, Mal H, Xavier H, Jane H,
Betty H,  Mike K, Tony McA, Carol R, Alan W, Leon D, Ben P,
Doug A, John C,

If we missed your birthday we are very sorry.  Please let us know so that we can acknowledge you in the next Stride Out.








If we missed your birthday we are very sorry.  Please let us know so that we can acknowledge you in the next Stride Out.





































Position Member Run Time
1 Kevin Armstrong 4km 21.21
2 Helen Corcoris 4km 22.29
3 Brian O'Dea 4km 22.38


Position Member Run Time
1 Adam Barker 8km 30.13
2 Lucy Oehr 8km 34.39
3 Tim Hunt 8km 35.33

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