2020 January Tan Time Trial Results

/2020 January Tan Time Trial Results




President’s Tan Talk –  January 2020

President’s Tan Talk –  January 2020 (and New Year’s Eve report)

The river, the beautiful trees, the city skyline, among friends, is there a nicer place to be than at the Tan, running your last run of 2019, or your first run of 2020?


We had a great roll-up for the NYE Fun Run, including visitors from 8 overseas countries: England, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Canada, USA and New Zealand.
The New Zealanders were congratulated on being the world’s best (and happiest!) cricket supporters, adding much to the atmosphere at the Boxing Day Test.
Eight countries seems to be our number.
We had the same number last year.
All enjoyed the event, and appreciated the friendly welcoming atmosphere.
We had to make a minor course adjustment due to an obstacle at the deviation up and around the King George V Memorial, but all worked out OK.
A very big thank you to our tireless volunteers who organised a sensational event and breakfast.
Their efforts are greatly appreciated by members, friends and visitors.


The January Tan continued the great vibe of NYE, with everyone in good spirits.
Members were advised, as always in January, that they were about to run a 2020 PB(!!), and only had to run eleven more for the year to qualify for a 2020 Tan Twelve Timer tee shirt.
(Good of people to laugh at the same old corny lines!)

50 Tan Time Trials

Congratulations to Sarah Herft, Barry Smith and Dennis Vance, who notched up 50 Tan Time Trials.
(Patrick Herft pointed out that Sarah had “taken a while” to crack 50, never mind that, well done Sarah, Barry and Dennis.

100 Tan Time Trials
Big congratulations to Lynn Kisler and Karen Monohan, who ‘ made a century’, completing Tan Time Trial number 100!
A very big milestone, well done Lynn and Karen.
150 Tan Time Trials.

Well done to Judy Davison on her 150th Tan Time Trial, many years of quiet achieving.
A sensational efforts, congratulations Judy.

Big Day for Lucy

Congratulations to Lucy Oehr, now Dr Lucy Oehr, who recently completed her PhD.
I know how much time, effort, energy and application over a long time is involved in a doctoral study, and warm congratulations were extended by all on Lucy’s big achievement.
(And, she was also celebrating a birthday!)


How lucky are we?
After two great runs, in a warm, friendly, welcoming environment, in beautiful surroundings, which we’ve enjoyed since 1982.
I reflect yet again, on how fortunate we are and I thank everyone for their contribution to making VRR what it is.
Well done everyone.
See you in February















Position Member Run Time
1 Aidan Whitforth 4km 15.35
2 Aaron Sperling 4km 16.38
3 Carl Kennedy 4km 17.36


Position Member Run Time
1 Paul Fry 8km 36.00
2 Mitch Hendricks 8km 36.50
3 Lucy Oehr 8km 37.17

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