2019 October Tan Time Trial Results

/2019 October Tan Time Trial Results

President’s Tan Talk –  October 2019

An absolutely perfect morning for running greeted VRR members and friends to the Tan for the October Tan Time Trial.

Very long-time VRR Life Member Kevin Browne  was congratulated on his 83rd birthday.
What a great way to begin your birthday, celebrating with your VRR friends of many years.Other birthday boys celebrating were Peter Nichol 76th (left) and Ian Godrey 77th (right).
Both a few days in advance,
Happy Birthday Ian & Peter.’


Milestone Achievement:.

Alice Oehr 150 Tan Time Trials!!!
Big milestone: Alice Oehr completed her 150th Tan Time Trial.
One of the younger VRR members to reach that milestone, as has sister Lucy, with dad Tarquin having completed more than 200, and mum Christine heading towards 50.
One of VRR’s great running dynasties!!
Well done, Alice


Best wishes were also extended to VRR members who will be running this year’s Melbourne Marathon: we hope everyone meets or exceeds their own expectations.

Best wishes were also extended to Helen Myall, who is off to NY to run her third New York Marathon.
Have a great race, Helen!! (I’ve run three, back in the 1980’s, but i was much younger than Helen, and clocking up three is a great effort.)


Jells Park 5/10/15k Fun Run
Members and friends wre reminded that this event is coming up on Sunday 20th October.
8am start for the 15k, 8.30am start for 5k & 10k.


Runners were encouraged to join in the morning’s ‘sugar feast’, with Sally’s great snacks being added to by cake and other treats brought by Tony Martin.
Thanks Tony!


Happy Running,Michael
VRR President






Position Member Run Time
1 Max Healey 4km 17.23
2 Mal Healey 4km 17.36
3 Xavier Healey 4km 19.16


Position Member Run Time
1 Mick Wilson 8km 35.19
2 Stuart Jacobson 8km 35.51
3 Patrick Herft 8km 36.28

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