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04Jun, 2022

2022 June Tan Time Trial Results

Jun 04, 2022|

    President’s Tan Talk –  June 2022 The first Tan Time Trial for winter was on what could be described as “a very cold morning” or a “great morning for a run, and both would be true. It was a beautiful morning in our beautiful surroundings as we acknowledged […]
07May, 2022

2022 MayTan Time Trial Results

May 07, 2022|

    President’s Tan Talk –  May 2022 This is a bumper issue of Stride Out, a lot has happened since the April edition: This year’s Angela Taylor Memorial Run / Walk was conducted at Albert Park, on Sunday 24 April We lost our much loved long-time VRR Life Member […]
03Apr, 2022

2022 April Tan Time Trial Results

Apr 03, 2022|

    President’s Tan Talk –  April 2022 President’s Tan Talk –  April 2022 For the first time in a long while the April Tan Time Trial started and finished in Birdwood Avenue, due (we were told) to a clash with another run, which we actually saw no evidence of […]
07Jul, 2022

2022 March Tan Time Trial Results

Jul 07, 2022|

    President’s Tan Talk –  Mar 2022 Forecasts of potentially heavy rain saw a smaller than usual crowd at the March Tan Time Trial. Clearly the Bureau of Meteorology (and some of our members) forgot that it virtually never rains during the Tan Time Trial, a total of about […]
05Feb, 2022

2022 Feb Tan Time Trial Results

Feb 05, 2022|

    President’s Tan Talk –  Feb 2022 Another beautiful Melbourne morning greeted VRR members and friends at the Tan for the February Tan Time Trial, which (apart from COVID checking in etc) is starting to feel ‘normalish’ after months of being virtual. Running Reflections Drawing on my US presidential […]

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