2018 July Tan Time Trial Results

/2018 July Tan Time Trial Results

President’s Tan Talk –  July 2018

Yes, it was cold, and a bit windy, and rain did threaten, but never quite happened, but it made for a ‘good morning for running’, all things considered, including our (as always) beautiful surroundings.
As ever, first-timers were welcomed, and enjoyed their first run with us.

Kathleen, my daughter, wasn’t a ‘first-timer’, but her last Tan run was many years and three children ago! We have many ‘family dynasties’ in VRR,  with two or even three generations represented.


Rod Barrett, completed 100th Tan Time Trial, having taken many years to finally ‘crack the ton’.
Well done, Rod, you’ve got to step up now to chase the likes of Tony Martin.

Tony Martin, completed two laps of the Tan in celebrating his 90th birthday.
Tony is an icon of the club and as nice a person as you’ll ever meet.
We had a cake for Tony when he returned.
We had one candle for each 10 years, because we’d have needed a fire permit for 90 candles.
(Actually, we couldn’t light the candles because of the wind!!)

Thanks also to Helen Myall for all the great pics that we all love to look at.
Good to see Peter Battrick doing two laps, notwithstanding injuries etc that he’s wrestling with.
Keep up the good work, Pete.



Position Member Run Time
1 Mal Healey 4km 16.58
2 Barry Smith 4km 18.09
3 Charlotte Adlington 4km 18.31


Position Member Run Time
1 Steven Barker 8km 34.11
2 Mike Smith 8km 34.5
3 Keith Partridge 8km 35.25

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